Day 66, 10th May, Kadina – Balaklava (80km)

Today marks my penultimate day of cycling. I’m almost at Adelaide, and therefore almost at the end of my journey. I’ve been thinking about that quite a bit, as especially have my knees. Poor little things, they’ll be happy for the break.

From Kadina, after politely declining the offer of a frozen fish from one of the caravan permanents as I was packing up this morning, I made my way along the main road towards Adelaide. There were a few hills to climb, but it was mostly fairly gentle. A steep decline on the way down had me scooting along at 53km/hr, the fastest I’ve been for many weeks now. It was another reminder that I’m definitely going the right way, west to east.


As I found myself closer to Port Wakefield, turning into an Adelaide artery, the road also became much busier. I was very happy to turn onto a much quieter road at Port Wakefield, following a brief 2nd lunch again of course of my staple cheese and vegemite sandwiches (made from my remaining ingredients that, save the vegemite, had begun to slightly ferment), complimented by a malt vanilla milk beverage (I wish we had these in the UK, yay for the Aussie dairy board’s muscle!) as I cast a slight detour via the curiously named Balaklava. The roads into Adelaide tomorrow will also be quieter for this, and I’m happy already it was a good choice.


Balaklava itself is a very friendly small town, and I have a sense of feeling welcome here. After putting my tent up to air and dry out – it hadn’t rained, but the early morning dew had settled onto my tent, not dried out because I’d accidentally put my tent up in the shade, and the moisture had permeated through in its packed state – and taking a shower, I went for a wander through town. There can’t be more than 1000 people living here, yet it feels big. I wonder how I’m going to cope with my encountering Adelaide tomorrow, population 1,100,000.




3 responses to “Day 66, 10th May, Kadina – Balaklava (80km)

  1. Christopher Robertson

    Well done Nick, it seems the end has come at a loss for the challenge and focus of the journey. Enjoy the ride into town its your Champs Élysées.

    We are looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday, I’ll be there to pick you up find a bed for you and a glass of wine to celebrate.


  2. Hi Nick, and I second that Chris, possibly more than a glass of wine to be sure. love Aunt Helen

  3. Hi Nick – we’ll be ready with the virtual champers at our end tomorrow. What a fantastic ride we all have had…love Mum

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