Day 67, 11th May, Balaklava – Adelaide (101km) [End]

So it was finally here. The last day of cycling, all being well. Waking early at Balaklava Caravan Park, in my rain soaked spot on the grass that probably wasn’t actually part of the caravan park but part of the adjoining public park but which was where I’d been placed by the caravan park caretaker, I ate the last of my museli and tried to imagine what rolling into Adelaide that afternoon would be like. The weather report, specifically the wind report, had me prepared for a headwind for the duration of my last day (I’ll insert a thanks for mobile internet), and so today was an early start. I was saddled up and heading out into the overcast gloom of the day by 8.30.

The headwinds, in the end, whilst constant weren’t devastating. This is probably testament as much as anything to my practiced legs. And so I peddled on making good time safe in the knowledge that I could knacker myself out without consequence for the next day.

I came through a small crossroads town called Mallala around 11 where I stopped for an early lunch. The lovely ladies there made me up an epic vegetarian sandwhich that included egg, cheese, beetroot and all the salads. It was really very fantastic, not least because I washed it down (figuratively speaking) with a carton of eggnog flavoured milk. What a lunch!

I was very hungry today, and in addition to several museli bars and a banana I also chomped a snickers and a mars bar. Everything, even these bars, today tasted great.

I managed to avoid the main road for a bit, taking instead a zigzag of suburban roads. It eventually, however, became practical to headΒ  onto the artery road of the A1. This was not a fun road, but it was direct. I’ve never seen, or at least its been a long while, so many cars. All dancing in concert with each other. An industrial dystopian ballet. Though I was feeling a bit sensitive at the time.

The A1, or Princes Highway, delivered me smack bang in the centre of Adelaide. By good fortune this was also where I was going to meet my hosts during my stay here in Adelaide.

Not met by banners and champagne, but instead just sitting on the grass in Victoria Square, blending in with the crowds, I was reminded of the emancipatory element of alienation tied in with large cities as I waited unchallenged for Anna, one of my hosts, to meet me.

So yes, I’m here in Adelaide. 2082 miles (3331 km) over 67 days (incl. 23 days WWOOFing), and with 0 punctures. Yay.



19 responses to “Day 67, 11th May, Balaklava – Adelaide (101km) [End]

  1. Christopher Robertson

    Fantastic Nick, its the pleasure of completing the challenge and the memories that you have is your greatest reward. You have done well with good humour and an appreciative spirit.

    Its a great accomplishment.



  2. πŸ˜€ I’ll miss these updates, Nick. Well done.

  3. Awesome! Amazing! Congratulations!

  4. 2000 miles, 15 litres of wine, 10 litres of flavoured milk, 8kg of cheese, 300 oatcakes …. and no chafing! πŸ™‚ xxxoo

  5. Congratulations Nick, so jealous of your achievement – no punctures!!! Thank you for keeping us all entertained with your anecdotes and funny observations. see you on your return, Will

    • Cheers Will. You’ve been in my thoughts from time to time, I know you’d have loved it, and I know you’d have been great company. Looking forward to cycling with you when I get back.

  6. Fantastic achievement Nick. Will miss your daily updates. We’ve had a wonderful ride across Australia with you with you doing all the peddling!! … Mum

  7. Congratulations! Was very nice to follow you from the other side of the world. Thanks for the stories & pics. Amazing performance! Enjoy the rest! kristien

  8. Well done Nick. Did you see any giant snakes in the tree over your camping spot like in that film?

    • I only saw two snakes, a small one on some sand dunes I was wandering through near Esperance, and another on the road towards the end of the Nullarbor. Regarding the latter of these encounters, thinking it was a bit of broken tire I didn’t give it much space as I cycled past it. If you were nearby you would have heard someone shout “ahhh, biiiig effing snaaake”. Fortunately it paid me no heed, and I cycled on as my adrenaline calmed down.

  9. Well done Wilson…!! what a way to see Oz….

  10. Incredible! Great work Nick – what a ride! Kind of envious, it has to be said…

  11. I’ll miss Wilson’s thoughtful gaze – well done to you both!

  12. Is anyone else of the opinion that Nick (and Wilson) should cycle back the other way, or even all the way around Oz just to keep us entertained with what have, up to now, been fabulously entertaining and educational blog posts?

    I’m really missing them Nick and keep on browsing to your blog just in case of another update. If it’s any incentive then I’ll keep on not eating (much) meat and/or boiling too much water.


    • Yes, keep cycling and keep blogging, Nick, please.

      I too am missing my daily dose of Antipodean life and keep checking for news.. It’s been wonderful to hear all about where you have been and what you have done. I have been alternately envious of your journey and grateful that I have not been in the saddle myself… Thanks for sharing it with us


  13. congrats Nick, an inspiring journey. I reckon I can now maintain my low kettle water levels, and even switching off my computer more often! Hil

  14. Massive congrats man! Super inspiring. Now… when are you signing a book/movie deal? πŸ˜€

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